Thanks to our BoatLife Ambassadors

Bringing the boating community together is at the heart of BoatLife Live, and we couldn’t do it without our amazing BoatLife Ambassadors!

Join them at the Med Bar and celebrate the first day of our inaugural event from 1.30pm, or hear more about their adventures on the water on the Live Stage – Sunday 20th February at 11am.

Sailing Indiana

Introducing Lauren and Chris, a couple from the UK dreaming of breaking away from the London rat race to one day live life at Sea.

A year ago they took the plunge and bought a 1989 Gib’Sea 372, with their only previous experience being a 10 day novice to day skipper course a few months before. 

Since then, they’ve been documenting their story on Instagram and YouTube, sharing the journey as they navigate boat life; from the ups and downs of sailboats and rigging to engine issues and how they’re learning to sail so one day they can set sail around the world! 

They hope to break down barriers for those looking to by their own boat and start their own sailing adventures.

Chasing Currents

Meet Jade and Brynn – also known as Chasing Currents from the West Midlands.

Having never sailed before, they decided to take a leap of faith and purchased their 28ft sailboat, Talisman, in October 2019. 18 months later, they left Falmouth and sailed across the Bay of Biscay, totalling 5 days at sea. 

How did it go?

“The crossing was eventful to say the least with Orca whales, fin whales and a fouled prop – but thankfully we arrived in Spain in one piece. We then proceeded to sail all the way down the Portuguese coast and into the Mediterranean, where our boat is now. 

When we left England we had around 200NM sailing experience under our belt, we have now built that up to over 1700NM with no plans of slowing down! We definitely hope to sail around the world, exploring as much as we can and doing loads of freediving and exploring below the surface too.”

Jo Moseley

Jo Moseley is a 57 year old single Mum living on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. She calls herself a joy encourager, beach cleaner and midlife adventurer.

In 2019 Jo became the first woman to paddleboard 162 miles coast to coast from Liverpool to Goole, picking up litter and raising money for two waterways related causes; The 2MinuteBeachClean Foundation and The Wave Project.

A film about her adventure called Brave Enough – A Journey Home to Joy by award winning film maker Frit Tam of Passion Fruit Pictures has been screened at prestigious adventure film festivals around the UK.

Jo is also the host of The Joy of SUP – the Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast where she shares uplifting stories about the health, happiness, adventure, friendship and possibilities of stand up paddleboarding. It has just been shortlisted for the Sports Podcast Awards.

Her first book, Stand Up Paddleboarding in Great Britain – Beautiful Places to Paddleboard in England, Scotland and Wales will be published this year by Vertebrate Publishing.

Jo is a passionate advocate for the power of being on, near or in water for our mental, physical, social and emotional well-being. A paddleboarder, sea swimmer and snorkeller she hopes to encourage others to find that joy for themselves and bring more opportunities to be by the water – inland or coastal – into their busy lives.

You’ll also catch Jo on the Live Stage at 12pm on Sunday 20th with David Haze, talking about the joy of paddleboarding.

Yellow Matilda

“My greatest fear is that my desktop screen saver will be more exciting than my life.”

Adam and Laura are the couple behind Yellow Matilda – an adventure that started out as van life and has now evolved into boat life aboard a 31ft Hallberg Rassey 312.

Having spent the last year on an extensive refit that included removing the old diesel engine and replacing it with a fully electric motor, with a focus on sustainability and simplicity, Adam and Laura along with their dog Angus now plan to set off North towards Scotland and beyond.

Elizabeth Earle

Author and artist Elizabeth Earle, (AKA @EarleWrites) became crew on a 53ft sailboat, and with zero experience, crossed the South Atlantic in 2017. 

Getting the boat bug, she renovated a 1969 hurricane destroyed sailboat and explored the Caribbean. 

After adopting a street dog (that turns out, hated sailing), Elizabeth returned to England and bought Leviathan as a compromise – a 32ft project canal boat. Elizabeth’s goal is to fill her life with as many adventures as possible so the family won’t believe her when she’s old!

2 Crew and a Cockapoo

Life on the water wasn’t something that Gabs and Callum @2crewandacockapoo always dreamed about, it’s something they say they sort of just fell into. 

After watching Sarah Beeny’s how to live mortgage free they sat down and said “you know what, we could do that!” 

Fast forward 3 years, copious amounts of research, 1 year long build, a little feature on George Clarks amazing spaces and all they do is live, sleep, breathe boats! So much so it’s now Calum’s full-time job. They love the freedom that living on the water has given them; getting to see parts of London and the surrounding areas they never would have. Gabs also enjoys being able to acceptably talk about toilets whenever she likes because it’s a boater’s favourite topic!

It’s not always been sunshine and rainbows – they’ve had plenty of moments where they’ve thought,”why did we do this?” but Gabs and Callum say that ultimately, it really is the passion they never knew they had. 

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