Sailing Indiana: Lauren and Chris are coming back to the BoatLife Show!

8 Nov 2022

Sailing Indiana, aka Lauren and Chris, a couple from the UK, are coming back to the SBS BoatLife show for a second time as ambassadors.

Three years ago Lauren and Chris had a dream of breaking away from the London rat race to one day live a life at Sea. They took the plunge and bought a 1989 Gib’Sea 372, with their only previous experience being a 10 day novice to day skipper course a few months before. Sailing Indiana is their 37ft sailboat, aptly named after the famous explorer Indiana Jones.

They have slowly made that dream a reality, moving from the big city onto their sailboat, working remotely and exploring the UK coast and, one day, the world. They’ve been documenting their journey as they navigate boat life. Sharing the ups and downs of sailboats from how they learnt to sail, to taking on rigging and engine issues.

You can discover more about their journey on YouTube, what it’s really like to live aboard Indiana and about all their plans for life on the water.

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