RYCK 280 Showcases at BoatLife

18 Jan 2022

The stunning RYCK 280 will be a central focus at BoatLife Live, the show will be the debut for the award winning boat nominated European Boat of the Year.

RYCK motorboats are true all-rounders. Based on a super-hydrodynamic hull design, a RYCK can be completely tailored to your needs. Whether you take it swimming or diving; visiting a waterside city; or for a Norway trip — you are always well-equipped with a RYCK! Its modern, sporty look fits every occasion and guarantees you admiring looks. But the RYCK is not just in a class of its own aesthetically — it also sets standards in handling and safety, making it ideal for beginners large and small. A smooth journey from purchase through construction to delivery is guaranteed by a big name. The brand belongs to HanseYachts AG, one of the largest series yacht builders in the world.

Sold at the show through TBS Boat Sales