New Compass Boats and KAT RIBS make their debut!

12 Feb 2023

Boatworld are delighted to now be the distributor of Compass boats for the UK and Ireland. These are high quality GRP sports boats ranging from small fishing tenders up to 22ft sports boats. Compass themselves are a medium sized, family owned, business based in Athens, Greece and have been constructing boats since 1965. Each Compass boat comes equipped with a class leading specification and is ready for water.

At SBS Boatlife we will have the 135, 150 and 165cc boats making their show debuts! This is the perfect opportunity to get up close with these vessels!

The Compass 135cc is a 13ft5” unrivalled entry level centre console sports boat. For such a compact vessel this boat packs a whole lot in, with masses of deck and storage space. This is a very capable, affordable, practical and easy to manage family sports boat. This is a seriously sleek and efficient vessel, The 135cc will plane with a 15hp upwards, but can take up to a 40hp. This is a very capable, affordable yet easy to manage family sports boat that will fit in your garage.

The Compass 150cc is a 15ft centre console sports boat. This model has all the benefits of the 135cc with added punch. This boat is sleek and capable. Equipped with a 60hp engine you can expect to get it up to 32 knots (37 mph). So like the 135cc, this boat is economical to run whilst packing in plenty of fun off the back of the boat or for cruising. With flexible seating arrangements for up to 8 people, there is plenty of scope for day trips on this vessel.

The largest in the Compass line up for the show is the Compass 165cc. This vessel is a 16ft 5 inch centre console sports boat. The recommended engine range for this model is 60 – 115hp, with a 115hp outboard you can expect it to get up to the maximum design speed of 40 knots (over 46mph) So this boat can really deliver on performance making it more than capable for watersports or fast cruising. The Compass 165cc comes with an abundance of storage space and flexible seating arrangements for up to 10 people.

Also making their debut at Boatlife Live will be their new ‘KAT’ range of boats. Get ready for adventure with this unique catamaran design. Featuring an open bow, you can jump off the front, recover and board with ease. Quick, efficient and exhilarating, make sure you come down to stand G70 to see these boats up close!

KAT 230 & 270
We are super excited for this new inflatable boat design, coming in lengths of 2.3 and 2.7m. The KAT range features a high pressure boarding deck and a unique catamaran design. The considered design of this boat makes it sleek, exciting and ready for anything. The KAT boat comes complete with some fantastic features. Such as the two grab handles at the rear for easy transport, and the option to use the air deck as a paddleboard. The KAT boat makes for a great tender thanks to its size, portability and
the open bow which makes for easy boarding. Get ready to embrace your adventurous side with this vessel.

KAT Sport 330
For a top class cruising and fishing experience look no further than the KAT Sport. This 3.3m inflatable boat is fast and efficient, with space for the whole family. Featuring an open bow, catamaran hull and collapsible open transom. This boat will fold up smaller than anything else its size. The KAT Sport comes with everything you need to get out on the water. This includes collapsible launch wheels and fishing rod holders as standard. It can even transform into a paddleboard. Whether you’re looking for a tender, river boat or coastal explorer, you will find what you’re after in this vessel.

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