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9 Jan 2023

Topper Sailboats produce an extensive range of sailing dinghies and catamarans. Everyone wants slightly different things from a sailboat, they are confident that they will have the right boat for you whatever you want to get out of your sailing, no matter what size, age, skill level of experience you are.

Topper have a unique and unrivalled understanding of the production of injection moulded and rota-moulded sailboats. And this ‘know-how’ has enabled Topper to produce superior hulls that are lighter, stiffer and stronger than anything else around.

Topper has won the Design Council Award for ‘Outstanding Product Design’ and has been awarded the prestigious Horners Award for ‘Innovation in plastics Design and Manufacture’. So, it is safe to say that, their hulls will perform better than anything else on the market.

They work closely with a small team of designers including some of the world’s top sailors, boat designers and marine suppliers to ensure that our boats have an unrivalled sailing pedigree. The Topper Sailboat range has been awarded numerous international boat design awards in recent years, which is testament to the hard work, dedication and attention to detail of this small group of talented individuals.

One of the many secrets behind the success story of the Topaz Range lies in the remarkable sophistication and ruggedness of the manufacturing process. Rota-moulding is always very strong – but Topper International have brought a new refinement to the process which remains unmatched.

The hulls are not only stronger, lighter, stiffer and more durable – Topper’s unparalleled expertise means uniformity of wall thickness and the perfect strength to weight ratio can be achieved.

The Topaz Range hulls are precision moulded to achieve far higher levels of structural uniformity and consistency than any other sailboat of this type.

Before buying a sailing dinghy it is worth checking what you are getting for your money – In particular; the quality of the hull, the number of features and the quality and specification of fittings and sails. If you base your decision on these factors we are convinced that there can only be one choice.

Come and see Topper at the SBS BoatLife Show 16-19 February 2023 at the NEC in Birmingham – stand F10.

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