The Whaly range is an incredibly robust unique product, double-walled boat manufactured from high-grade plastic (Polyethylene) – it’s almost unsinkable and indestructible. This boat is low-maintenance and is produced in 100% colour-fast plastic. These specifications will certainly convince you of its quality. At home as a full on Rescue or safety boat, Fishing boat or just a day out boat it couldn’t be tougher or user friendly, launch from the beach, drag it over stones it wont matter!!

Exhibitors who stock this brand:

Zego marine UK Ltd

Take full advantage of the endless possibilities of the Zego Craft in the waters of Great Britain. Explore the beaches and coves, or go out and jump the waves! Exceptional stability makes the craft ideal for activities such as fishing, diving, waterskiing and even snorkelling! The Zego Sports Boat has asymmetric hulls like the large ocean racing catamarans, which give it impressive performance and speed whilst still being hugely stable. The Zego Sports Boat has the perfect blend of excellent manoeuvrability, incredible stability, and a ride so smooth that you would think you were on a much larger craft. The Zego Sports Boat manages to encompass all the features you would want out of a boat; it’s Versatile, Stable, Lightweight, Durable, and most importantly; Safe.

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