Viking was established 1970 by three ex-employees of Seamaster Boats Ltd, Robert Chapman, Mike O’Connell and Peter Poulter. Viking Mouldings began producing small river and speed boats from Hobbs Cottage Works, North End, near Great Dunmow. In 1982-83 Viking Mouldings moved from North End onto the old Seamaster site in Great Dunmow after Seamaster closed in 1979. Viking Boats then progressed and purchased the Seamaster Moulds with the brand name. We now use some of the older hull moulds for the Viking range; some are now being used for the new Seamaster range. Since then, Viking Mouldings has purchased various hull models and manufactured new ones, one example is the narrow beam range purposely designed for canals and narrow rivers. In 1997 Peter Poulter retired and after many years of continued service, Robert Chapman and Mike O’Connell reduced their working days to three. In 2007, Wayne Goodwin & Vinny Clayden became partners in Viking Mouldings where they will focus on the daily running of the business with Robert and Mike providing input and advice when required.

Exhibitors who stock this brand:

Tingdene Marinas & Boat Sales Ltd

Tingdene Marinas and Boat Sales recognise the ever increasing demand of meeting customers requirements and will continue to develop and increase the quality and standard of service, facilities and opportunities for berth holders.

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