U SAFE Lifebouy | EASY TO USE: The ease of use of the U SAFE rescue lifebuoy is one of its strengths. By being on standby mode, just throw the buoy into the water and it immediately activates, making the rescue fast. | SPEED: U SAFE lifebuoy has two motors and can reach a maximum speed of 15km/h, allowing the person in danger to be saved as quickly and efficiently as possible. When it comes to rescue, every second counts. | MOBILITY & CONTROL: Using the remote, it is easy to control the U SAFE lifebuoy within the line of sight. It has been designed to fit into one hand perfectly. With agile maneuverability, it can reach and rescue the person fast and precisely. | HIGH PRECISION: U SAFE rescue lifebuoy has an advanced navigation system and is easily controllable. It reaches people in danger with the highest degree of precision, regardless of where they are.

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Marine Energy Systems

DISTRIBUTION, SERVICE & SUPPORT Marine Energy Systems distribute & support technical equipment and integrated systems into the Marine, Mobile and Inland Waterways. Our leading brands in propulsion, power management, digital control, monitoring, security systems and networked devices are supplied globally to an aftermarket and OEM customer base.

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