A Great Range Of Compact Family Fishers - SWORDFISH BOATS are new to the UK market. Sourced and priced to fill the void in the market for affordable new boats, the Swordfish range offers quality and a choice of models. A Unique Adventure On A Unique Boat!

Exhibitors who stock this brand:

Boat Exchange

We are proud to be part of the Waterside Boat Sales network with marketing across every major platform globally, and a network of offices across the south of the UK. This combined with Sam as a Yachtmaster power, and Mike as an ocean crossing sailor gives us a love and knowledge for boating that means selling your boat is not just a job to us, its a passion. As a brokerage customer, we will take care of photography, marketing, and conveyancing, as any broker should but you also have access to our professional advisors, our help with the logistics of the sale (lifts, surveys, etc), and if needed, a skipper for the sea trial. ​

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