From design to ride, wake and handling performance to innovative features and options, Supra boats are constantly on a path toward excellence. PUSHING HARD FOR NEARLY 40 YEARS. Since 1981, every feature, each component and every inch of interior stitching is precision engineered to enhance your experience. Our legacy as a luxury boat brand is apparent in the way we operate and in every towboat we make—because we believe proof is greater than promise. That’s a core value you’ll only find in a Supra®. IT’S EASY FOR TOWBOAT MAKERS TO STAKE CLAIMS ACROSS AN INDUSTRY FIGHTING FOR THE SAME TITLES. AT SUPRA, WE SEE THINGS A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY. Instead of touting our innovations as champion among the noise of every other brand, we hinge our reputation on a simple concept that can’t be skewed—proof. Everything we believe, everything we build and everything we release to the water adds up to far more than ink on a page. It adds up to the experience. Our actions are our words. Each of our fine details say as much about us as our whole, and it all leads to a place that separates us from the rest—Where Passion Meets Precision.

Exhibitors who stock this brand:

CDT Marine

CDT Marine is based in the heart of Devon and our team has over 50 years experience in the marine industry. We are pleased to be the UK distributors for both the Moomba and Supra brands by Skiers Choice. These wakeboard boats offer comfort/style and most of all the amazing Autowake technology developed by Skiers Choice and only offered on these 2 brands. It gives you amazing wake time and time again! CDT Marine also offers the Buster range of aluminium boats powered by Yamaha. These boats are exceptionally durable and and a fantastic way to get the family out on the water. They range from 3.88m to 9.47m with various power options in the Yamaha range of engines.

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