Sea Angling Classis is brought to you by Angling Spirit: promoting angling in a responsible manner and organising / staging events with the betterment of angling as the focus.

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Angling Spirit

Angling Spirit is the operating company which owns, organises and stages international events and environmental initiatives. Angling Spirit has created a marketing & promotional platform where the company can highlight and showcase important information on its events and involvement in other areas. The ethos of Angling Spirit is to promote angling in a responsible manner; to organise and stage events with the betterment of angling as our focus. Our aim is to make a difference, responsibly, and we are very well aware of the fact that our status, not only in respect of the angling world, but in the eyes of the general public, places a significant onus upon us to ensure that angling is looked upon in a favourable light. In line with this ethos, Angling Spirit will continue to be environmentally responsible and our events will be staged accordingly. Angling Spirit is synonymous with best practice angling and sportsmanship, and our event rules will at all times uphold the true spirit of international competition. We are proud of the events that we have established and the high benchmarks they have set.

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