Salcombe Flyer

Salcombe Flyer is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded and long established 100% British boat manufacturers in the UK. The hull was designed by Peter Birkett (Naval Architect) who was more famously known for the development of the Atlantic Challenger II and the Record-Breaking 11,500hp Gentry Eagle. The Salcombe Flyer brand was originally conceived in the early 1990s and the boats were built in the historic fishing and sailing port of Salcombe, South Devon, by Garry Appleyard, the company moved to Kingbridge and more recently under the ownership of Hugh Hodgson of Pembrokeshire Sports Boats in Wales. In 2022 the moulds, intellectual property and the 'rights to build' have been purchased from Hugh by Scott Arthur of Devon Sports Boats Ltd. We are pleased to announce that the 440 tiller and the classic 440 sport, 480 sport and the 530 sport are now produced and wholly manufactured back in the heart of Devon where they belong.

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