Lightning Craft

ELECTRIC PROPULSION FOR THE MARINE INDUSTRY - WE PROVE THAT ELECTRIC IS A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE TO THE MARINE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE. Our ready-to-install kit was developed while producing our first prototype Lightning Craft. During that process, we solved the many compatibility issues for you by developing our own throttle and finding perfectly matched charger and battery solutions. We have also integrated an accurate battery monitor so you can sail with confidence always knowing how much time you have left on the water. Our kit provides a complete bolt-in system ready for self-install into your vessel. We have carefully chosen, tested, and check each component to ensure performance and reliability. Every vessel is unique, so we chose not to include a one-size-fits-all battery, charger, and cable package in our kit. Instead, we can recommend, supply, and install all the necessary components to ensure your craft gets the custom conversion it deserves.

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