Gary Palmer River Guide

River Guide Services, a guiding experience that exceeds expectations. Book a days guiding with us and we can promise a friendly and knowledgeable guide, a state of the art boat and the latest equipment. Amazing locations, fantastic fishing and a chance to learn new skills and techniques during a day to remember. We offer our guests the use of the latest fishing tackle with equipment from Reuben Heaton and Eagle Claw, we carry a full range of specialist competition rods and reels, hooks from Trokar as well as some of the latest lures to hit the market. All methods are used from casting and trolling to vertical jigging and dropshotting etc. Gary can demonstrate and teach any or all methods as well as supplying the best tackle for each of the methods. If you are considering buying new rods or reels why not try before you buy. Bait fishing days are now available as well.

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