Finnmaster – Welcome to the country of the midnight sun. Here, Finland’s proudest boat-builders live and work under a magical summer sky painted in the most beautiful colours. Every boat that leaves the boatyard is built and designed with decades of knowledge, experience and with a clear vision; we build the safest boats with the smartest solution – without compromising on modern design. In an archipelago like ours, which is as wild and melancholic as is it beautiful and marvellous, boats are so much more than a means of transport. They are freedom, passion, and tradition but above all, a lifestyle. At Finnmaster, we are part of that lifestyle. The boat building tradition is passed on from generation to generation and year after year that knowledge and passion are passed on to each and every boat we design and build at our boatyard.

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Ideal Boat

Ideal Boats are the sole distributor of Chaparral, Finnmaster, AMP amphibious RIBs, Saxdor Yachts, Robalo and Husky Boats for the British Isles +Brokerage.

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