It’s easy to understand who we are from our simple but clear purpose: We want to enrich the boating experience, whilst providing a clean, sustainable and eco-friendly atmosphere for marine life and the surrounding environment. Electric boating is not designed to replace gas-engine boating, but is instead a premium boating experience. It’s clean and quiet, and lots of fun!. Our products also require almost no maintenance – superb for busy lifestyles. I’m proud of ePropulsion because it offers a unique boating experience. It’s also incredibly eco-friendly. Making a commitment to choose our electric outboards means you are making a better choice for the environment. Choosing electric boating gives the owner confidence and pride.

Exhibitors who stock this brand:

Ashton Marine Services

Electric Outboard Motors - ePropulsion manufacture a range of electric outboard engines and pod motor solutions. The Electric motors feature an amazingly simple and reliable structure with much fewer parts; no cylinder, no oil pump, no carburettor etc. and offer a maintenance-free design that you won’t find anywhere else on the outboard market. Electric outboards are not designed to replace the petrol outboard engine but instead offer a premium, environmentally friendly boating experience. eProplulsion products are noticeably quieter than other brands of electric outboard motors. You simply can’t find a quieter electric outboard.

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