Cadal Craft Ltd

Innovative Designs for an Energy Efficient Future. Cadal Craft was established to provide updated designs for river and canal boats which address modern concerns of the environmental impact of boat use. With a focus on vessels under 24m, our aim is to provide a way for us all to continue to enjoy boating but with lower environmental impact – Low Impact Boating. Current narrowboat designs are mostly unsuited to hybrid/electric propulsion because the hulls are fundamentally designed assuming an excess of power from diesel engine propulsion. Of old, narrowboats used one horse power to move, but over time, cost pressures, reduced canal water levels and an excess of engine power have resulted in high drag, low draught, inefficient hull designs After seven years of research, development and testing, and inspired by some efficiencies of the old working boat designs, we combined these ideas with modern naval architectural concepts to develop a much more efficient hull. This has been tested and proven to have higher hydrodynamic efficiencies and requires significantly lower energy to move.

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