Bella is as responsive and convenient to drive as any boat of the same size. This allows you to enjoy the ride in a more comprehensive way. Bella takes you where you want to go – almost as if it knew beforehand what to do next. In the practical design, all available space has been utilized efficiently. Everything is placed in a way that makes sense. There is nothing needless in a Bella, neither is there one inefficient square inch. We know boating and we have 50 years of successful business under our belt to prove it. That’s what makes us special, in more ways than one.

Exhibitors who stock this brand:

TL Harvey Marine Sales & Services

We are Authorised Retailers for Honda Outboards - Honwave Inflatable Boats - Maxima Boats - Ranieri Boats - Bella Boats - Mercury Outboards We have Comprehensive knowledge and experience of all types of boats and Outboard Engines, and offer genuine approved dealer servicing and parts.

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