Established in 1948, Barton produces over 1000 different products suitable for use on all sailboats from small dinghies and keel boats through to yachts of up to 16 metres. As a marine company of many firsts, including being the first to use injected plastic moulding for the whole block range in the 1960s, they provide peace of mind when you buy a piece of Barton equipment. You are purchasing more than just a block, you are investing in a traditional company, which has always kept innovation in its sights.

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The Barrus Marine Equipment portfolio offers over 20 leading brands. Barton, Blue Gee, Glomex, Guidi, International Paint, MGDuff, WhisperPower and Simrad, are just a few of the brands in the line-up, combining a whole range of products to cater for every area of a boat, from small day boats to superyachts.

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