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Our goal was to combine the undoubtedly higher quality, standards and design of sea going vessels, and bring this to the river and estuary. The two main Directors bring clear advantages to Beaulieu Boats, one has a long knowledge in owning Sunseeker and Fairline craft, and brings an aspiration to build all Beaulieu Boats with the same exacting quality standards. The other started his career with Sealine and worked through all build departments, from the shop floor to project management. His skills bring Sealine’s long tradition of open space and innovative ideas to every one of our boats. ​ We are based in Bewdley, previously known as Beaulieu, and close to the original home of Sealine in Kidderminster. All of our workforce have spent most or all of their career’s either in the boat industry or primarily within the old Sealine company. Sealine had an amazing track record in the British boating industry for over 40 years, until their purchase by Hanse Yachts AG of Germany in 2013, at which time production was moved out of the UK. Our aim is to gain as much of these hundreds of years, of peoples experience and knowledge, and bring it to Beaulieu Boats, whenever possible, as our growth expands. Then by combining their skills with our focus on the absolute highest quality standards, every boat we produce will not only be the ‘Best in Class’, we intend to take the bar, out of the reach of our competitors.

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