25 Jan 2022

The DockyDock™ is a patented product, patent no: GB1712325.8 and comprises a PVC cover that en-capsulates your boat from under the hull, protecting it from barnacles and marine growth whilst the boat remains in your marina berth. The DockyDock™, thereby eliminates the need to use toxic anti foul products.

The DockyDock
product is made of high quality PVC 1.2mm thickness. We have two types of flotation, inflatable and Foam flotation by inserted foam inside. All metalwork is stainless steel 316 of the highest marine grad. The DockyDock™is available for Power Sailing Boats.

The DockyDock™ is custom made and priced according to the size and requirements for your boat.

Benefits of the DockyDock™ :

In using the DockyDock™, anti-fouling will become a thing of the past as this system will protect your
boat from barnacles and marine growth. The enclosed environment will prevent barnacles and any
other sea creatures from growing due to a lack of food and oxygen. This will provide a great saving on
the cost of annual cleaning and painting, whilst also being non toxic and environment friendly.

DockyDock™ Power

Once the DockyDock™ Power has been in-stalled at your mooring, the rear will be sub-merged beneath the water line, allowing your boat to sail into the opening and dock inside. Once the boat is in position, the rear section is manually lifted up to the water level again and secured in position with an inserted floatation aid attached to the DockyDock™. At this point the boat will be fully encapsulated in the DockyDock™ there by covering propellers and legs or shafts of the boat. When wanting to exit out of the DockyDock™, the rear section is simply lowered into
the water to allow you to sail your boat out, the rear section remaining below the water level waiting for your return.

Our services:

We offer full customisation services for making a bespoke DockyDock™ for your boat and have agents worldwide to visit you and check our requirements for a full bespoke solution. DockyDock™ has been
designed with the customer in mind so that when you receive the product the installation will be straight forward and simple to do. There is a quick step by step guide and video tutorial to instruct you with installation. We also
have our own DockyDock™ installation engineers that upon request can come out to you to perform the install, making sure that everything is done safely and securely.

About us: DockyDock™ is a subsidiary of Direct Linen Textiles International Ltd. We are a factory based in Manchester England  where the DockyDock™ system is manufactured. We supply all Europe, the USA and we ship to any country around the world.