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Welcome to Clearwater Boats new and exciting project, we are proud to announce the relaunch and manufacture of the classic Wilderness Beaver 23. This quirky GRP narrow boat is the perfect solution for those wanting the freedom to tow and enter the canal or river network at any point in the country or even into Europe should you wish. At 23 feet long with a beam of 6′ 10″ it is the perfect size for navigations both home and abroad, weighing in at around the 2 ton mark it’s also easy to tow.

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Clearwater Boats / Wilderness Trail Boats

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Here at Clearwater Boats we have been building narrow boats for over thirty years, always bespoke to our clients needs and specifications. We believe that most things are achievable, we have the ability to think outside the box to deliver your requests. We believe in keeping you the client involved every step of the way until your dream becomes a reality.

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