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Solar-SKY, a manufacturer of motor and rowing boats, is a production and trade company existing on the market since 2000. The main subject of our activity were small, agile boats intended for anglers and people who value rest on the water. However, due to the considerable interest in our country and abroad, our Solar 360 and Solar 430 boats, we decided to expand our offer with further models. In this way, m.in Solar 440 Weekend, 450 Congo, and a built-in version of Solar, i.e. 460 Cabin for the most persistent lovers of water expeditions, were created.

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AV Boats

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With hopes of one day starting and owning his own Canoe, Kayak and Boat business Viktor Kmec set off with a simple plan, start from the bottom and work your way up. While working at the Beetle & Wedge Boathouse in Moulsford in Oxfordshire, Viktor purchased his first self drive electric engine boat “The Klip” which was a great boat to hire out. The first year was full off trials and tribulations but Viktor persisted and had a very successful year hiring out the Klip to families, couples and anybody that enjoys quiet river cruising.

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