New SBS BoatLife Ambassadors: Team Squidward 3

24 Nov 2022

We welcome Team Squidward 3 as BoatLife Ambassadors for 2023. Darren tells us his story…

Caz and I have been beach fishing together for over 28 years but our boat fishing journey started when we made a cheeky bid for a fishing boat in a blind auction some 12 years ago, she cost us £75 for boat and trailer and we were both amazed when the flat tyres inflated so we could bring her home, we had a good idea the boat was watertight as she was full up with rain water.

IMG_0546.JPG 18ft Maryland

Over many weekends we got her ship shape and ready for sea, all the boat needed was a name. With my two boys obsessed with SpongeBob on TV, Squidward got the family vote, something to do with the character being bit grumpy?

Luke (age just 4 years old at the time) and I cut our teeth fishing out of Calshot, fishing in and around the Solent, our favourite spots being the brambles bank, Lepe and Sowly boom. She served the family well, over 5 very happy years of boating adventures and she still holds our PB COD of 25Lb. Caz had ventured out a couple times on the flat sunny days and it became apparent that we had outgrown our current vessel as we had gained and extra crew member.

We took the plunge to purchase Squidward 2 after a visit to Southampton Boat Show, she allowed us to expand our reach to Portsmouth and the needles and with the added tow bar Luke learnt how to knee board.

IMG_4779.jpg Admiral Pro fish 560

Three years later and a strategically placed bottle of Prosecco for Caz we purchased Squidward 3 from Bates Wharf at the Pool Boat Show. She not just our fishing boat but a part of the family, She gives us quality family time together and an adventure every trip.

FullSizeRender.jpg Beneteau, Antares, 8

2021 we were invited to fish the inaugural launch of the Sea Angling Classic where we rubbed shoulders with elite anglers from all over the country. It was after this event Luke was asked if he would become an ambassador for Lowrance. I have always enjoy capturing our adventures on camera and we soon found other people enjoyed seeing our adventures.


October 2021 we launched our YouTube channel which has been slowly gaining pace, We have found social media has been a key tool in making new boat fishing friends and keeping up to date with catches and the latest technology. 2022 has been an unbelievable year of our fishing Journey with Squidward finishing in 16th place of the Sea Angling Classic and Caz winning the top Lady Angler, Luke has also become an Ambassador for Cox & Rawle, over the last couple of years Luke has grown into a ambassador for the sport of fishing and we have all made some great new friends along the way.


BoatLife is our pretty much our life summed up in one word, although the fishing is a big part, getting out onto the water is all always the best part. We are all very excited to see what new adventures 2023 will bring for Team Squidward. Look forward to seeing you all at SBS BoatLife, 2023!

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