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Things are really hotting up for the inland sector at SBS BoatLife Show 2023 with an exciting display anticipated for the second year. To date we have a fantastic range of narrowboats being exhibited on the NEC floor, including three 60ft+ beauties from Collingwood, and potentially more to join the line-up! These include:

1 x Viking Widebeam
3 x Collingwood – 2 x 60ft (inc 1 x Widebeam), 1 x 70ft Widebeam
1 x Swan Boat Builders
1 x Lakeland Leisure
1 x ABC Boat Hire
1 x Oakums
1 x Wilderness Beaver 23 trailable boat

These boats are here for ticket holder to explore, from barges to narrowboats to holiday companies, the area will give you a taste of the inland waterways. If you haven’t taken a trip on the canals, rivers or broads then you are missing a treat!

You can hear some stories from the waterways in our BoatLife stories 2022 videos here.

Plus you can meet our Inland ambassadors and see some on the live stage…

  • The Narrowboat Project
  • Elizabeth Earle
  • Two crew and a Cockapoo
  • Cruising Alba
“Anyone that has any interest at all in Boats will have a really great time.”
Boat Show visitor

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