Bringing the boating community together is at the heart of BoatLife Live, and we couldn’t do it without our amazing BoatLife Ambassadors!

Last year, our 2022 BoatLife Ambassadors joined us throughout the four day event and were part of a Q&A on the show’s Live Stage. Sharing their stories, experiences and adventures with us were 2 Crew & a Cockapoo, Sailing Indiana, Yellow Matilda, Chasing Currents, Elizabeth Earle and Jo Moseley.

2023 Ambassadors…


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2023 Ambassadors

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Cruising Alba

Marina is now a liveaboard boater, confident at handling and fixing the 30-year-old Alba, while growing as a filmmaker. She loves living close to nature and shares the beauty of this lifestyle, as well as its challenges.
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Matt Crowhurst

Former pro-wakeboard rider, a multiple National and European title holder, Matt has been in tournament water-skiing at the highest level and even represented Great Britain from the age of seven to fifteen.
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2 crew and a cockapoo

Gabrielle, Callum and Bilston their Cockapoo took the plunge in 2020 and bought a new build shell of a boat to fit out.
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Adam Jones

Adam heads up the YouTube channel (London) Perch Finder TV. He now has over 5.32k avid followers, all of those who tune in to watch Adam on his lure-fishing adventures.
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Elizabeth Earle

2023 will see Elizabeth embark on a historical tour around the UK as she discovers more about the people who worked on ‘The Cut’ and who were the first inhabitants of Maggie in the 1920s.
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John Locker

YouTube fishing sensation Fish Locker is onboard as an SBS BoatLife ambassador. The channel has hooked over 250k followers who enjoy tuning in to watch the Locker family share what they know and love doing.
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The Narrowboat Project

Shane and David have become waterway enthusiasts and head up the much-loved YouTube channel The Narrowboat Project. Here you can follow the journey and adventures of the couple with pooch Floki as liveaboards on a stunning 57ft narrowboat.
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Jo Moseley

Jo will be joining us again for SBS BoatLife 2023. Jo is the author of the bestselling book Stand Up Paddleboarding in Great Britain – Beautiful Places to Paddleboard in England, Scotland and Wales.
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Team Squidward 3

Welcoming the McKell’s to the SBS BoatLife show. Meet Darren, Caz and son Luke. Follow them on their journey on YouTube.
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Liam Peacock

Professional wakeboarder (Pro Wakeboarder 2 x Pro Mens world Champion) and extreme athlete who is – in his own words – the king of double flips and always pushing for triple flips.
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Will Parkinson

Firefighter and passionate sea angler for over 30+ years, started at a young age with his dad catching mackerel and then moving into pro fishing in the last 5 years.
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Sailing Indiana

Follow Lauren and Chris – a couple from the UK, as they cruise around in their 37ft sailboat, Indiana. Aptly named after the famous explorer Indiana Jones.
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Simon Gibson

Pike fishing has been Simon’s passion for the past 25+ years and is five time Lure Fishing International champion, he’s represented Ireland all over the world.
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