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This opportunity is your chance to ask the questions and get tips and advice!

If you get a buzz from wakeboarding come and see Matt Crowhurst and Liam Peacock.

New to sailing? Meet Sailing Indiana!

Love to SUP? Say hello to Jo Moseley, author of Stand Up Paddle-Boarding in Great Britain.

Fancy living on a narrowboat? Ask our Inland ambassadors what it’s really like!

Want to chat about fishing? We’ve got 7 angling experts to choose from.


Earle Writes


Elizabeth went from being a crew on SV Delos in 2017 during their South Atlantic crossing from South Africa to Brazil to buying and renovating her own sailboat in 2018 in the Caribbean. Adopting a street dog would alter her plans, so she returned home in 2019, choosing to keep Leela and move onboard a 32ft canal boat. Now, Elizabeth and Leela both live on a historical narrowboat from the 1920s called Maggie, writing, creating illustrations and filming videos. 

2023 will see Elizabeth embark on a historical tour around the UK as she discovers more about the people who worked on ‘The Cut’ and find more about the people who were the first inhabitants of Maggie in the 1920s.

Matt Crowhurst


Matt has been on the water from a very young age, representing Great Britain as a tournament water skier from 7 to 14 and winning multiple National and European titles in the process. He found wakeboarding at 15 and hasn’t looked back, making his living as a pro athlete for over a decade, winning more National and European titles, all the while working multiple angles off the water as well as on.

A professional coach and coach trainer of 20 years plus, a live event host and MC, sports commentator and presenter for over two decades as well, Matt’s enthusiasm for all things water and action sports based is infectious. He just loves sharing his love of everything that has made him and his life what it is today and with such vast knowledge, experience and passion we are extremely excited to get him to our show to start sharing all this with you!

Image: @Andrew._turnbull

Cruising Alba


Marina and her boyfriend Myles decided to move on to a narrowboat 4 years ago while considering where to live together. Her dream of owning a tiny home and freedom that it gives, combined with Myles’ desire to own a boat one day manifested Alba, a 62-foot floating home that inspired Marina to document their experiences and share them on YouTube. A busy London life was left behind for slow travel and adventures cruising around English canals and rivers.Transforming from not knowing anything about canal boats in 2018, Marina is now a liveaboard boater, confident at handling and fixing the 30-year-old Alba, while growing as a filmmaker. She loves living close to nature and shares the beauty of this lifestyle, as well as its challenges.

2 crew and a cockapoo


Gabrielle, Callum and Bilston their Cockapoo took the plunge in 2020 and bought a new build shell of a boat to fit out. Going by the name of 2 Crew and a Cockapoo on Instagram, their followers have watched the couple’s refit journey and been given a taste of what life is like living on the water. 

After spending a year in refit mode, a feature on George Clarks Amazing Spaces and posting what they had created to their social media, it has snowballed into a viable business – BoatFitCo. What they found was people wanted to live on the water but don’t want to sacrifice their creature comforts or style. BoatFit now creates beautiful spaces that are fully set up for the continuous cruiser lifestyle on inland water vessels.

Jo Moseley


We are delighted that Jo Moseley will be joining us again for SBS BoatLife 2023. Jo is the author of the bestselling book Stand Up Paddleboarding in Great Britain – Beautiful Places to Paddleboard in England, Scotland and Wales. It’s a beautifully written and photographed account of her journey to over 30 places to SUP.

In 2019, she became the first woman to paddleboard 162 miles coast to coast, picking up litter and fundraising. A film about her adventure Brave Enough – A Journey Home to Joy has been selected for prestigious film festivals.

Jo, 58, is a single Mum of two grown up sons and calls herself a joy encourager, midlife adventurer and beach cleaner. She is an for Ambassador the 2MinuteBeachClean Foundation and has a successful podcast The Joy of SUP – The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast.

Team Squidward 3


Family of 3, Darren, Caz and son Luke have been fishing together for years. It wasn’t until October 2021 when they started to document their trips, adventures, catches and friends for YouTube that things really took off. 2022 has been an unbelievable year for them, with Squidward finishing in 16th place of the Sea Angling Classic and Caz winning the top Lady Angler, Luke becoming an Ambassador for Cox & Rawle.

Liam Peacock


Liam is a professional wakeboarder (Pro Wakeboarder 2 x Pro Mens world Champion) and extreme athlete who is – in his own words – the king of double flips and always pushing for triple flips. That gives you a sense of Liam’s prowess on a wakeboard and what’s in his bag of tricks.

He has been Wakeboarding for 15 years and travels the world riding and competing professionally full-time. When Liam isn’t on the water, he’s in the gym training, on a trampoline improving his fitness and aerial awareness or on a mountain bike.

Will Parkinson

Will is a passionate sea angler for over 30+ years! It all started with his dad catching mackerel and then moving into pro fishing in the last 5 years. Will owns a Smartfish 25 with Suzuki outboard and a dell quay dory and with every spare minute is on the water. He is also a full-time firefighter and has been in the fire service for 20 years, this always gives him a can-do attitude with the adventurer hunger to explore.


Sailing Indiana


Follow Lauren and Chris – a couple from the UK, as they cruise around in their 37ft sailboat, Indiana. Aptly named after the famous explorer Indiana Jones.

3 years ago, they had a dream of breaking away from the London rat race to one day live a life at Sea. They have slowly made that dream a reality, moving from the big city onto their sailboat, working remotely and now exploring the UK coast. They made it happen…

Instagram: @sailing_indiana | Facebook: @sailingIndiana

Simon Gibson

Simon has had fishing in his life since his earliest memories, and grew up in Northern Ireland in a fishing orientated family. Pike fishing has been passion for the past 25+ years and is five time Lure Fishing International champion, he’s represented Ireland all over the world. Simon is also a professional fishing guide based on Lough Erne Northern Ireland.


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